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Jake The Snake Roberts Accused Me of Having an STD

Is the clap an STD? I’ve gotta be honest, I’ve always heard of the clap but never actually knew what it was.

Anyway, Jake the Snake accused me of having the clap.

So when I started Rasslin’, it was really just a selfish ploy to see if I could start getting interviews and start hanging out with famous professional wrestlers.

Somehow it worked.

Last week I was able to dick around backstage of All Elite Wrestling in Jacksonville, where they let me choose four or five wrestlers to interview. We dropped our Maxwell Jacob Friedman interview last week, and my next choice was obvious: I needed Jake. 

Jake Roberts is one of the reasons I fell in love with this crazy shit at the age of seven, and he did several things over the years to deeply affect me.

I was able to confront him about a couple of those and he turned the tables in a pretty crazy 30-minute interview.

There were tears shed.

Please watch.