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Rasslin': Barstool's newest pro wrestling podcast is here

When I got hired by Barstool on a whim 18 months ago, I made it my goal to do the things I wanted to do once I moved to New York.

I wanted to talk about three things: Professional wrestling, college football and gambling. I already had the second and third items on the list, but look at what's No. 1. 

I know what you're thinking: Brandon, you're an idiot. Correct. But now I'm an idiot with a wrestling podcast.

Starting next week, I will host Rasslin', a weekly podcast dedicated to the greatest spectacle in the world, pro wrestling.

I am an old school guy, through and through. But I'm an old school guy who still loves watching today. This podcast will heavily lean on eras gone by, including the Hulkamania days of the 1980's that I grew up with, the NWO takeover in the mid-90's and the Attitude Era. So suck it.

But I'll also talk current wrestling because there's some good shit out there, whether it's in WWE, AEW or elsewhere. We'll have guest from each major U.S. promotion.

And before you ask, I did clear this idea with two people: First was Robbie Fox, and second was Dave Portnoy. So I got Robbie's permission.

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Instagram: @Rasslin

Also I'm an enterprising guy now, so I've got t-shirts with both the home and road logos.