Barstool Rundown - March 4, 2021

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01:52Bake + UFO
06:33Salt Bae
07:01Jim Boeheim
12:56Murder Room
22:54Pigeon Murder
25:57Buzz ETF

The Rundown is presented by Truly

TRULY HARD SELTZER is back for 2021

Big announcement last week:
The Barstool Classic is back this year and brought to you by Truly Hard Seltzer

Truly was one of the first seltzers to go big with Barstool, and come back with us every year

We’re going to be drinking Truly all year, it’s our favorite hard seltzer, and perfect drink to have if you’re at a bar, on the beach, on a golf course and drinking allday!

Make sure you’re grabbing some Truly this year too, and look out for more news coming out around the Barstool Classic



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