The Yak's First Live Show With Video Was Something To Behold

Just over three years since The Evening Yak made it's debut on Sirius Power 85, today we debuted The Yak streaming live on YouTube. It was a rough start as we had to do a cold open without our normal theme song, but we got past it. We had Brandon dressing like either Andre The Giant the wrestler or Andre The Giant from The Princess Bride.

We had KB looking like he was up all night sweating thinking about what people would think when they finally saw him talk live on video:

And we had Nick tell on himself for not being even remotely aware of how to pronounce the names of the greatest tennis players of all-time:

Meanwhile, KB just continued to pour sweat:

We're looking forward to another fun show tomorrow. Be sure to subscribe to our BarstoolYak Youtube Channel for more exclusive content which will begin with Brandon Walker running a mile on a treadmill. The over/under has been set at 8 minutes 30 seconds. Let us know your best guess for his time and reason why and we'll read a few on air Wednesday.