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I, For One, Will Not Stand For This Egregious Gritty Slander

We offered up a First Time, Long Time safe space last night for the people to divulge whatever they pleased in the name of Philly sports and life, and boy oh boy did Mr. Meatsweats not hold back. Is Jordie correct with his notion that Gritty is a Trojan Horse of evil in the name of Comcast? Actually...probably. We all know Comcast is one of the vile companies in all the land and have been directionless dick in regards to leading this Flyers team. But are we really going to take shots at Gritty for their failures running this franchise? Let's be mad at the powers that be, not their little mascot who is simply doing everything it can to not go back to the bridge it was conceived under in Kensington. The Philly Phanatic was doing its best to strut its stuff in front of a worthless Phillies franchise for decades. Why can't Gritty get the same lovable treatment? 

Sorry, I hate Comcast, too, but I'm not sorry for loving Gritty. Just can't do it. Not after it's become a close friend of the program while coming to the office and for some tapping on Zah's head. Hilarious. Those squeaks make this one of the most outrageous things ever caught in the wild. And that's BEFORE Gritty ended up eating our Zah in the elevator and absolutely bodying Biz at a Winter Classic in Philly. 

Let Gritty Live. And sub/listen/follow/laugh/love to First Time, Long Time. We'll hang up and listen. 

PS - We're still expecting!