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Can't Believe The Eagles Essentially Only Ran The Ball TWICE Vs. The Cowboys And Are Kinda Getting Away With It

Miles Sanders: 2 rushes, 27 yards. 

Jalen Hurts scrambled/ran 9 times and Gainwell had a carry in trash time, but those 2 carries for who is supposed to be a, or possibly THE focal part of this offense is inexcusable. And yet somehow Nick Siranni & Co. are kinda getting away with it. Sure, they're being lambasted left and right, but a few more games like this and a public tar and feathering may be featured down Broad St. Like we said, think of all the hate thrown Andy Reid's or Doug Pederson's way for not running the ball...they would still rush it like 10 times a game. Sirianni went with TWO called rushes that actually mattered. Oh and the first one went for 20+ yards. What a joke.

So much for Sirianni being that creative play caller who will do anything to put his offensive weapons in position to succeed...

That stat alone provides a scary amount of insight to the inefficiency going on with the Eagles offense. And with the Chiefs with Andy coming back to South Philly this weekend HANGRY, this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

We also are forced to talk more Ben Simmons and those cockteases known as the 2021 Philadelphia Phillies. First Time, Long Time is Youtube/Spotify/Apple - Get it. We'll hang up and listen.