'Watching NFL Games is Harder than Playing in One' | Pro Football Football Show - Week 3WATCH NOW

The Philadelphia Eagles Are Currently One Of The Worst Franchises In Sports And It's Time People Start To Take Notice

And to think, we recorded this before world renowned botanist Nick Sirianni went on his garrulous flower lecture to absolutely nowhere: 

Unfortunately, this is where we're at, and where we're at is not good. In fact, it's somewhere in hell. Maybe not the 7th level of Dante's Inferno, yet, but we're definitely at least on the 2nd with no upward movement in sight. Purgatory is a wet dream at the moment. 

Unnecessary Paradiso references aside, Rone and I go through everything Birds and move onto the Sixers who could be in disaster mode sooner than later: 

Plus a solid start to "Picks Wit". If you listened and took the Flyers/Oilers over 6.5 last evening, you were gravy before the 3rd period even started. That's all she wrote for now. Follow and sub to First Time, Long Time on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. Help you, help us, help yourselves. We'll hang up and listen.