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The Philadelphia Eagles Are Basically A Pickem Against The LA Chargers...Wait, What???

Are the Eagles...good? HA. We all know better than falling for that cocktease victory over the peewee Lions...or do we? I don't even know anymore. I tend to believe the Eagles will fall back to Earth but Vegas putting them at +1.5 this weekend is throwing me for all the loops. I guess we'll see if this team is who we think they are this week. Fall in a close game? There's hope. Win outright? Super Bowl or bust. Lose in a blowout while going back to what we saw for most of the season? Might as well forfeit every game here on out. There's no point. We talk about it all and then some on FTLT. 

Also the Sixers beat (and courted) Dame Lilliard with essentially half their squad and more Ben Simmons chat! Hooray! 

Let's get into it. As always, we'll hang up and listen.