We're Not All In This Together

Awful Corona Virus Slang:

Bringing that “Friday-energy on a Tuesday" (7:40)

“At the end of the day,” “It is what it is.” (16:28)

“We’re in unprecedented times.” “In these ever-changing times.” We’re gonna have to get adjusted to the new normal.” “We’re all in this together.” (19:15)

Every commercial on T.V. is about Coronavirus (20:51)

“The rona” - “#Quaranteaming” (26:06)

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore rant (29:12)

“Quarantini,” “Flatten the curve, not your tire.” - What the fuck does that mean? (33:30)

“Consider pumpkin the breaks” (37:00)

“Aruba, Jamaica, Texting-a-mistaka.” (41:20)

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