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I Can't Hold Back Any Longer

This isn't Fight Club, nobody is going to say shit ...including the cops:

Random Rant May 28

Email from a fan in Scotland (2:50)

“Jim, love your podcast …my wife hates it.” - Why? I’m pretty positive. It’s a nice, easy-going, fun listen. Isn’t it? (4:53)

“Woman are attracted to bad boys.” - Really? What’s next, they like money and big dicks? (7:04)

Awful corona quarantine jokes (9:42)

U.S. marriage rates have plunged. (17:54)

Softball is this guy’s world, because his wife won’t let him do anything. (24:52)

Editing social media photos might lead to eating disorders. (32:05)

Kindergarten teacher starts crying over spoiled kid. (36:22) 

Cowboys fan posts a pictures of his dumb basement. “All my Cowboy fans stand-up, haha. Man-cave birth under way.” (43:30)

Drive-by gender reveal (47:58)

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