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Drive-by Gender Reveal Party

From: Yahoo

Friends surprise couple with drive-by gender reveal party after coronavirus concerns forced cancellation

by Jim Florentine

Over 100 cars showed up and they waited on their lawn for over an hour as people drove by. They were amazed that so many people showed up. 

So many people came because they just wanted to get out of the house! I despise gender reveal parties, but if I would have found out about this, I would have went - just for something to do.

How much of a surprise is the reveal? There’s only two fucking choices. You have a 50% chance of guessing right. It's like betting the coin flip on the Super Bowl.

There was “a couple thousand people” watching this reveal? Holy shit, don’t these people have Netflix?

Can you imagine have to stand outside for an hour while these idiots drive past your house? About a half hour in, you’d start thinking, “Maybe we should have had an abortion.”

This is the worst drive-by since Tupac.

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