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Is Not Getting Your Sandwich Reheated Worse Than Dying?

The people that leave 1-star reviews are controlling, pussy-whipped, entitled, and rotten (7:09)

Pizza order gone wrong. This man eats pizza at a gas station frequently? That’s like drinking Mad Dogs and leaving wine reviews. (12:41)

Remember this, you cannot go wrong ordering a plain pizza pie. (17:08)

It’s tough to find plain popcorn anymore. What the fuck is sea salt? I don’t want that salt. (19:21)

Man writes in a 1-star review on Starbucks with the exact date and time …like it’s a fuckin murder (20:44)

IHOP tells this woman how life really works (29:27)

1-star review for a $19.00 Costco cake fiasco (32:52)

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