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Cats Make Me Happy, Humans Make My Head Hurt

“Honey, I was gonna get us matching T-Shirts. - I’m glad you didn’t” (1:02)

“I want buns of steel, but I also want buns of cinnamon” (6:36)

“She’s my sweet potato” - “Yes I Yam” (11:09)

“Dumbbells, dead-lifts, and diapers” (14:06) 

“Holy Shit” (16:54)

“I’d love to be a Pinterest mom, turns out I’m more of an Amazon Prime mom.” (19:35)

“I cross my fingers and hope my ass fits in my jeans” (24:42)

“Cats make me happy. Humans make my head hurt.” (28:30)

“Drinkin’ Like Lincoln” (34:44)

“Red, White, and Booze” (36:12)

“Ben Drankin” (37:59)

Hoodies & T-Shirts

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