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What's A 'Brodal' Shower?

This week it's more awful slang, which is the bane of Jim's existence 

"I don't understand slang words. I don't understand why people have to shorten things. Is everyone in such a rush they can't even finish words?" (1:59)

Remember when Radio Shack tried to change their name to just: 'The Shack'? (4:12)

A 'brodal' shower is a real thing men are now doing before they get married. Hipsters. (6:04)

There's a new slang term for Nashville, TN. It's called 'Nash-Vegas.' (16:38)

'B-Dubs' aka Buffalo Wild Wings. We've talked about this before, but we need to talk about it again (23:18)

Picture sent in. Amazon box with tape on it that says 'prime-nesia.' When you order so much Amazon, you don't know what's in the box (30:54)

Hoodies and T-Shirt 

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