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Random Rants April 2nd

Highlights from today's episode:

Casey sends this one in, from craigslist: “I bought too much wrapping paper” (1:48)

Shitty husband doesn’t buy gifts on holidays (9:54)

Desperate guy found a pair of mittens, posted on craigslist under ‘women’s issues’ tab. (13:42)

This one moron from the dollar tree, also trying to get laid. (15:33)

Deanna writes in, store had to apologize after it appeared Santa was snorting coke (16:45)

Picture sent in, a six pack of beer. Perfect for donuts (18:27)

Older story, but people are sunning their assholes for energy (23:00)

Restaurant removes insensitive sign: "Only well-behaved children are welcome." (33:07)

5:30 A.M. sunrise wedding planned, there was a lot of backlash (38:56)

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