Ask Jose Canseco If He's On JUICE Right Now He Loves Talking To His “Fans” (SyringeSyringeSyringe)


Only the OG's remember the reference from way back when REDACTED VIA LAWYERS and that REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED on top of having a court ordered REDACTED while being the most skeevy REDACTED continued being REDACTED and a straight up REDACTED. Good times. 

As for Jose vs. Billy, it's gonna be a throw down. One thing about #RNR that I still don't think people get is it's for REAL. Your body, mind, pride, and money is all up on the line for millions to see, and even more importantly, judge you once it's done. It may only be 3 minutes of your life, but what goes on before, during, and after the fight will live with you forever.

Almost 3 years ago on February 16h, 2018 I had that honor to fight in Morgantown, West Virginia, and here I'll take you through everything that went on during that #RNR2 and beyond live. Ask anything away.