At Least The Grown Ass Man Dressed As An Eagle Was Fed Well All Day Long #BigBirdBigCat

Respect to Big Cat for honoring his bet like a man. I know we shouldn’t feed the blogger, but it was the least I could do to make sure the Eagle didn’t go hungry all day. And to the people who thought this bad bat, I wish you could take a whiff of that costume after a larger than life blogger sweat through that human hair. I realize we’re a decade too late for Anchorman references, but the entire thing does smell like Bigfoot’s dick.

Also, the PMT crew interviewed Tim Meadows today in the office (yes, THAT Tim Meadows. I am confused, as well). The “I couldn’t give less of a FUCK about being here” look on the former SNL star’s face was palpable when Big Cat introduced himself as “Hi, I’m Dave. I usually don’t wear a bird costume.” Tim Meadows was on The Late Show last night with Stephen Colbert and today he was witness to bloggers chucking white bread at a grown ass man in a full bird costume. That’s the magical Barstool touch.

PS – Hilarious.

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