Recapping Barstool Idol Night One

Barstool Idol kicked off today on The Yak and it ended with one person going home early. We also got a good feel for who the contestants were:

Barstool Idol night one is complete and we packed a lot into 101 minutes. SPOILERS BELOW:

Contest #1 John Rich opened with a blog that appealed to some of KB's top interests.

And even though a lot of time has passed, the Big Man on Campus is still as cocky as ever.

But he had other contestants coming right as his neck and some others who currently work here:

We also learned pretty early that all contestants aren't necessarily Brandon Walker fans.

But our guy Nick does empathize with Joey Joy's plight.

Despite having the entire afternoon and half the evening, some of our contestants really struggled with time management.


But in Wyatt's defense, he did bring some pretty good ideas to the table.

The contestants had to integrate people in the office if they wanted extras today. Some went better than others.

Overall, we learned we had some really talented contestants.

We sent home two more people tonight, but before we did, Big Cat gave everyone words of encouragement as what these contestants are doing really is not easy.

In computing the final tally, there were some early issues with the data.


But we feel like we got things right as a show here.

It's down to nine…

Tomorrow, the contestants will be playing a game of Yak Basketball tomorrow at 6:30am. We wanted to make things official, so we had them select jerseys. Tough start for the Big Man on Campus.

We'll air the basketball game tomorrow on The Yak during our normal slot at 1pm eastern.

So be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel. You can watch the full Barstool Idol night one show below and we'll be back tomorrow night at 7pm eastern for night two on the Barstool Sports YouTube channel.