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VIDEO: I Finally Killed My First Deer, and Christmas Dinner Is Going To Be AWESOME

What a goddamn thrill. Never in my life did I think I'd ever get into this hunting thing. I love animals and am a total pussy, so it was always a no go for me. It's not like I'm anti hunting, either; in the words of Ralphie Cifaretto "I eat beef and sausages by the fucking carload." I never cared at all that people hunted, didn't get offended when I'd scroll the the Gram or the Bird and see hunting pics/videos, and in general, didn't pay it any mind, really. I just never though I could be the one to pull the trigger. 

I just never thought I could be the one to pull the trigger. But that started to change when I met Sydnie at a Sox game this summer and we gots to talking hunting:

She educated me enough to pique my interest, even though I was probably snot slinging drunk from tailgating all day. Said it's not like you'd just leave the deer carcass in the middle of the field to rot away after shooting it, it's good for population control, etc. 

Fast forward to deer season and Chief and I decided to give it a whirl. It didn't take long to fall in love with the sport. Living in Chicago proper for 10 years and the suburbs prior to that never gave me that opportunity. I just wasn't exposed to hunting, but there's a peaceful serenity about being in a tree stand and not being able to hear or see anything that is man made. You're one with nature and it's a really cool feeling.

But nothing matches the feeling of actually shooting your dinner. Nothing at all. I'll say it one more time for the people in the back - only those who hunt know the euphoric feeling I'm talking about. It's a legit indescribable high. I'm not Sigmund Freud or anything, but I bet there's some psychological connection still embedded in our DNA or brain cells or whatever that gives us the primal urge to feel incredible after we've successfully hunted our own food. A direct line and connection to our caveman ancestors that did it out of necessity before McDonalds and GMO's existed. 

At Barstool, we talk a lot about "growing the game" in whatever X sport that Y blogger covers. Sydnie's done that SO well. I've had dozens random people reach out to me via DM or otherwise saying they'd like to give it a shot after watching the videos of two city idiots hunting for the first time. Shout out to Sydnie for that. There are also people in the at Barstool NYC HQ that want a piece. I predict huge things for Barstool Outdoors in 2022 now that Sydnie has gotten her feet wet with the company and what works/what doesn't. 

Today I got a deer. The next time I want to hang out of a helicopter with a gunner turret plowing through feral hogs killing crops like I'm a chopper gunner taking out Al Qaeda cell in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan.