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Early Season Duck Hunt with The Slockmaster!

It's no surprise that early season duck hunting in Illinois isn't absolutely phenomenal, but we still are able to put some bbs in a couple of ducks. I would not consider myself a die hard waterfowl hunter, since I deer hunt 98% of the time, but once I fill one of my deer tags it's usually game on. 

A couple weeks ago I shot one of my biggest bucks to date, Bullwinkle. It was an emotional rollercoaster, but damn it felt good to hold his antlers in my hands after chasing after him for three years straight. Now that I filled one of my two IL deer tags, it's easier for me to kick back and hang out in the duck blind without feeling guilty. Yes, guilty. 

Whenever I have not filled one of my tags I feel guilty and anxious about not being in the stand. I know it sounds insane, but after putting hours and hours in the tree stand, I think about how the one time I am not there that's when the big buck will finally step out and give me a shot. This actually happened opening weekend of waterfowl season when I chose to duck hunt and my dad shot one of our target bucks. I did end up shooting my limit of wood ducks, and my dad shot a monster deer, which I was more than happy about! 

This latest episode was fun. We didn't get a lot of shots at birds, but it felt good being back in the blind. I am okay with not shooting a limit of birds if I at least have some hope that we have a chance. It was thirty degrees, snowing, and the wind was blowing at 15 mph. That's some pretty damn good duck hunting weather if you ask me. 

Another exciting thing about this years waterfowl season is I have been blowing my duck call fairly well. I've been practicing for a couple of years now and can confidently say I don't sound like shit. haha 

Next year I am going to be bringing two followers along to actually join me on a hunting or fishing trip! This weekend is Black Friday and the whole Barstool Store is 20% off, so if you buy one of my shirts, sweatshirts, etc. then you'll have a chance to go on a trip with me in 2023! 

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