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Spearfishing & Eating Fish Sperm With Valentine Thomas

Valentine Thomas, a professional spear fisherwomen, from Montreal, Canada is a certified badass! She’s been all over the world free diving & harvesting a variety of fish. This week we met her in Tampa, Florida to see her work her magic up close & personal. Yes, I got sea sick. Again. & yes I have tried Dramamine, the patch behind your ear, pressure point bands, & other random stuff. Valentine brought up that maybe I should try getting hallucinated? Maybe I’ll have to change things up & try that tactic. Either way we had a hell of time.

After we got off the boat, Valentine & I cleaned & made fresh ceviche. She also cooked us up fresh fish milt (sperm), which was a first for me. I also brought Kelly in Vegas with me, & learned that she may need a swimming lesson or two. 

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