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Shooting Wild Hogs with an Arrow Gun!

Throughout my 25 years of life I have hunted hogs with a variety of weapons & tactics. I’ve spot n stalked them, shot them from a ground blind, heck I even flew 30 yards high & shot them from a helicopter. 

This past month, Alex, my dad, & I all met up in Tilden, Texas before heading to Patagonia, to test out the new Umarex air saber, which is an air gun that shoots arrows. Pretty badass if you ask me. 

I put on my best Rocky knee high snake boots, grabbed my thermal, air gun, & headed out to the thick Texas woods to put the air gun to the ultimate test. 

The biggest thing with hunting hogs, especially during the heat of the spring / summer, is that they are typically nocturnal. They are sleeping / wallowing during the days in the shade or river bottom. 

Also the way to harvest them is to chum the roads with gold, a k a corn. Ranchers invest thousands of dollars a year just into corn for their ranch and put water holes throughout their property as well for the animals. That’s how they keep healthy populations up.

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