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Coming Thursday... We Shot Invasive Feral Hogs Out of a Helicopter!!!

A couple weeks ago we headed to Houston, Texas to meet up with Hannah and Jeff Barron at Ashcraft Aviation. We loaded up the helicopter and hunted a cotton field that butted up next to a river where feral hogs like to wallow and root. Feral hogs are causing havoc all across Texas and are not native to the land. 

There is a major overpopulation issue with these animals, and we couldn't even put a dent in them if we tried. Feral Hogs have caused BILLIONS of dollars in damage to Texas farm land and have destroyed the environment with their rooting behavior. They will tear up anything that they come in contact with, and have played a big part for the decrease in upland game birds and other native animals, devastating an entire ecosystem. These hogs are the one species that does not require a hunting license, so they can be hunted all year round. Hunting out of a helicopter is just one tactic to help keep this population under control.