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Sneak Peak: Fishing Largemouth Bass at Bucket List Destinations


Have you ever witnessed someone turn into a whole other person when they were hunting or fishing with you? I fished with Mike Hitchcock this past week in what we like to call Fulton County's Holy Grail bass fishing lake. Mike is a self made entrepreneur and has worked his butt off his entire life. He has played a huge part in conservation within our community, and his property is his prize possession, so I was over the moon when he invited me to go out on the boat with him for the day. I grew up catching crappie and blue gill with my grandpa and dad and honestly really just got into bass fishing these past couple of years. I'm the type of person who will get pumped up whether it's a 2 lb or an 8 lb fish. See, Mike is the complete opposite of me. He is a pretty quiet guy until he gets a "fat lady" largemouth bass into the boat. I watched him throw back 4 - 5 lb bass saying "ah just a little guy" and inside I was peeing my pants with excitement. As the morning went on I caught my PB largemouth and Mike turned into an absolute animal when he reeled in his first 6 lb 8 oz "fat lady" of the day. 

Next week I am headed to the Lone Star State to fish Lake Fork with my friend Maggie Carsello and big time fisherman James Caldemeyer. This lake holds monster fish and any big time bass fisherman around the area has heard about this lake. It's been a destination in the back of my head for awhile and i'm excited to see its' waters for the very first time. We're going to end this episode strong in the great state of Texas!