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Barstool Outdoors S2 Episode 8: The Creatures From Mosquito Lagoon

There is a reason New Smyrna Beach, Florida and Volusia County are known as the Shark Bite Capital of the World.

There are predators EVERYWHERE!  More Dolphins, Turtles, Manatees, and Stingrays than you've ever seen, and a whoooooole lotta Sharks.  New Smyrna is one of the most underrated places in all of Florida.  Located just south of the famous raceway in Daytona Beach and just north of NASA's Kennedy Space Center, there are hundreds of different quarries to chase after in the gorgeous water off the Atlantic coast or in Mosquito Lagoon.  The variety of animals found within a few miles each way is astounding.

In this episode we get into a whole bunch of different trouble.  Sharks, Tarpon, Ribbonfish, Sheepshead, and some big old Redfish.  I had an amazing time capturing these scenes with some amazing videographers from Praech Productions, Logan from Barstool, and with my friend Capt. Will Wolfson and I think that the scenery alone is worth checking out.

In addition to the world class light tackle fishery we covered, it was a blast to showcase one of my favorite things that exists on Earth.  Land Based Shark Fishing has been one of the greatest sources of happiness in my entire life and I am really glad we got to showcase a little bit of it here.  We were casting baits at Lemon Sharks about 3-10 feet off of the sand right at the inlet where a ton of surfers are every day.  There is a ton more to cover in this arena even just here in NSB but we wanted to cover the variety instead of just one aspect.  That being said, I plan on covering a whole lot more of this in the coming months.  Once again, shoutout to Labatt Blue Light and Dude Wipes for making this all possible. I love them an absurd amount and it grows every week!!!

Make sure to check out my friend Captain Will Wolfson on Instagram and contact him if you are ever in the area and looking to hook up on some monster fish.