Cup Of Joey With PFT Commenter

Really excited about this. 

I love coffee. I love having conversations with people. So I decided to use my name to fit perfectly into a coffee pun for my first interview series here at Barstool. 

It'll be a wide variety of guests not just limited to sports doing exactly what I just said - enjoying a cup of coffee over a conversation. It's not meant to be as much of an interview as it is you just sitting in on a convo with me and someone I find interesting. 

The first episode features my buddy and a guy I consider to be one of my Barstool big brothers, the always hilarious, the great PFT Commenter. 

We chat of course about coffee, sports coming back, the old Monday Night Football three-man booths, local sports radio, I ask him about the first time we met, and we find out what PFT does on the weekends.