KFC Explains How To Get A Job At Barstool + What He Thinks He'll Be Doing When He's 60

Talked with KFC for 40+ minutes this AM on Morning Joey

As always he was entertaining, engaging, and a great conversation. He has been that way to me since he snubbed me the first time I was in the office last March (something we worked out on Friday Night Pints last Summer). 

Anyways we talked New York fandom, Indy vs. New York, being Catholic, top 5 times when you don't have to go to Mass, he tells why he hasn't had one of the best Little Debbie snacks, he explains how one can work for Barstool, and finally he opens up about what he'll be doing sometime in the far future. 

One of the most popular questions I get, anyone who works at Barstool gets, is,"Yo! How can I work at Barstool someday?"

"It used to be - we used to tell people 'set up a blog and just do it. Start blogging as if you were at Barstool. Blog several times a day, everyday, send us the link. There was a time when we would really read all of those links because we were looking to expand. Now, I will be honest, it is very hard to cut through the noise," KFC said. 

"Now it's not like 'hey set up this blog that no one is going to see and send it in as a resume, just go do it. You can make an Instagram account and start making videos, and if your friends like it, then friends of friends are going to find it, and then you're going to grow. So, you know, if someone sends me a link and it's like 'Oh this person has 10,000 followers and seems to be doing something funny' then there's proof in the putting there...just do it, ya know? I'm sure that one out of 100 would really do "anything", but it's very hard because they all say the same thing."

I can't really remember a time when I didn't follow / know who guys like KFC, Dave, Big Cat, etc, were so I had to ask him since he's been doing it this long, how long does he think he will continue living this blogger / podcaster life. 

"If it all works out I'll just do this (work at Barstool) forever," KFC said. "To me at some level it's also just a job where it's like as long as they're paying me and I'm happy doing it, right? But I could see a scenario where it makes sense for me to try to make my own money, and do my own thing. So I'd maybe do that for a little bit, and then I think ultimately maybe, hopefully, grab a gig on like local sports radio and just take calls about the Mets bullpen for the next 20 years until I die."

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