Stu Feiner Starts The Weekend Talking Gambling, His Life, Cocaine, And Sex

Stu is the absolute man. The Godfather it feels like. He loves his people and takes care of them. He's a people pleaser

That's something he opened up to me about on Friday's show

"Probably my father telling me that everyone hates Jews. And since I am a Jew, I didn't perpetuate my race because I married Irish-Catholic, but I think it's having fun because I think somebody is going to kill me. That's my life. Everyday I try to have as much fun as possible, and I don't give a fuck," Stu said.

"I try to live every second like a train is going to run me the fuck over, or my heart is going to stop at any second, because it could!"

That he definitely does, and it's refreshing to hear someone continue to have that perspective and just do whatever the fuck they wanna do. One of the million reasons why I love Stu so much. 

We all know about his energy. So I had to know where it comes from. Coffee? How many cups does he drink a day? 

"At least 10."

Holy shit. So I followed up with if he gets jittery after that much coffee. 

"No never. Literally never. I could snort an 8 ball right now in front of you and I'm not getting jittery. When (cocaine) was there, I hit it really fucking hard. My brother sold it in his teens and twenties and hungout with really bad people and carried guns. That scared the fuck out of me."

Something else we all know about Stu is that he isn't afraid to talk about sex. Definitely not afraid to lay it out there about how much fucking him and Sandy do and have done since the 70's so the question then had to be asked who fucks more between him and our fearless leader, Dave Portnoy?

"Portnoy. I mean listen, if Dave Portnoy ain't fucking everything that walks then who is? You know what I'm saying? I give him a hard time, but who fucks more than him? You know he can fuck. He fucks like a fucking king. I would say he's tenfold to me, but the question you're asking is me 16-17 (years old) and Dave 16-17 he's sucking my dick if you wanna talk real."

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