Ian Happ Says Anthony Rizzo "Deserves To Have A Statue" Outside Wrigley

Cubs centerfielder Ian Happ woke up with me on Wednesday. 

We talked about the new season, his golf game, the return of Jake Arrieta, fans at Wrigley, and more, but what really stood out to me was our convo about Anthony Rizzo. 

The star first baseman somehow still doesn't have an extension from the Cubs so I asked him straight up about how Rizz is dealing with that and whether Ian thinks Anthony will be around in Chicago for years to come. 

"He is the face of the Chicago Cubs," Happ said about Rizzo. "He deserves to finish his career here and have a statue out in front of the stadium. I firmly believe that the #44 should be up on the flag on the flagpole and there should be a statue outside when his career is over. I want him to finish his career in the blue pinstripes and be here forever because he means that much to the city."

Yep. 1000% agree. The Cubs announced on Tuesday that Fergie Jenkins will be joining Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams and Harry Caray in the latest legendary Cubs to have statues. Rizzo absolutely deserves to join that crew once his career comes to an end. No question about it. 

Giphy Images.

From the bottom in the 2012 101 loss season to catching the last out of the World Series to make history. Make the statue of big 44 with his hands up, mouth open, in celebration of capturing the first World Series in 108 years. 

But first, let's just get the man extended.