Barstool Cribs: Quarantine Edition - Marina Shows Off Some Of Her Bruins Memorabilia

Welcome to my pad. Figured I'd show everyone some of my Bruins memorabilia I have displayed in my apartment, if you liked this video I can make another one (hopefully more enthusiastic) of everything I have. I usually get an 8x10 of each player on every Bruins team. If they get traded or waived or what not I put them in a binder. I've loved collecting memorabilia ever since I was about 12 or 13. I would write players and include envelopes with a stamp for them to just sign and send back (most of the signed cards were done that way). Other stuff (8x10s and whatnot) is from an exclusive memorabilia company (shout out Les), or from Bruins events. I have some more expensive stuff still at my parents house until me and my fiancé get something more permanent (aka a house). If you can't tell from this video Bergeron is my guy. Collecting this stuff has been a fun little hobby, I'm obviously a big Bruins fan but I have some Seahawks stuff too! Thanks again for watching and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!