Costa Rica Vlog Day One: I DOMINATED The NYCFC Press Conference

In case you missed it, NYCFC flew me down down to San Jose, Costa Rica for their first match of the CONCACAF Championship League vs San Carlos. 

Let me be clear. my roots are in blogging. I'm used to being stuck in a dimly lit room writing typo-heavy pieces on how Tom Cruise wore a prosthetic ass in the 2008 mega-hit 'Valkyrie', only leaving said room to order off the McDonalds dollar menu from a cashier that knows me by name. 

I'm not sure if I'm built for the big-J lifestyle, which has included hot-tubs, volcano hikes, drinking a zillion Imperials and exposing my painfully Irish skin to direct sunlight. That said, I think we managed to get some great footage, no pun intended. Besides me running rampant on that press conference, we have interviews with Costa Rican national team defender Ronald Matarrita, U.S. team hopeful Keaton Parks, and much more. 

Later today, I'll be hanging out with the rather large contingent of NYCFC fans that flew down for the match, and getting a bunch of exclusive access stuff for the match vs San Carlos. 

Make sure to follow along on Sams Army's Instagram, where I'll be posting live updates all day long.