Things You Missed - The Bundy Tapes

The Bundy Tapes are the newest true crime doc to binge watch on Netflix, and with the series only being four quick one hour episodes it’s easy to knock out in a single night. I was expecting the interviews with Bundy to be complete and total nightmare fuel, but the scariest part about the documentary was how easy it was to dupe the police in the 70’s. Bundy escaped from jail TWICE. Once by jumping out a window when no one was looking, and the second time by losing enough weight to slide through a vent in his cell ( plus to being a skinny guy, I guess?)  If it wasn’t for Bundy being a bad driver and making an illegal U-turn, or suspiciously driving with his headlights out – who knows how long it would have taken to catch this Helga G. Pataki uni-browed psycho. While I don’t like Big Brother watching every move I make, it is nice to know technology and forensic science have made it harder for guys like Bundy to exist (even if the technology means I have an FBI agent monitoring a shirtless me through my lap top camera.)