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Get Your Money Orders Ready: The Pup Punk Christmas Album Is Here

Wow. What a deal. Just in time for Christmas. This group of detestable vapers has released an atrocious suite of poorly reworded covers. Absolutely awful.

With so songs including;

  1. Santa Came Down My Chimney
  2. Deck The Halls
  3. Happy Xmas (War Is Just Gettin Started)
  4. Wake Me Up When Christmas Ends
  5. I Saw Mommy Sucking Santa’s Dick
  6. Silent Noight
  7. Reverse Cowgirl Sleigh Ride
  8. Milky White Christmas
  9. Little Drama’r Boy
  10. Rudolph The Red Rocket’d Reindeer
  11. Jingle Balls
  12. Respectfully, It’s Chilly Outside
  13. Red Santa-Suit Apparatus
  14. Santa’s Not Real He’s a F*ckin Poser
  15. Just One Christmas (Screamo)
  16. Fuck U, Next
  17. The Elf Sweatshop Needs To Unionize
  18. All I Want For Christmas Is Nudes
  19. Santa’s Plan
  20. It’s The Most Atrocious Time Of The Year
  21. Grandma Got Run Over By A Car

And many more. It’s sure to disappoint, so get those checkbooks ready for delivery by Christmas morning.