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Is The University Of Delaware REALLY The Nation's No. 1 Party School? An Investigation

Another week, another episode of Concussion Protocol in the books. This week, we went down to the University of Delaware to see if the Blue Hens really got it in.

This was one of the more complicated shoots I’ve had to do, as I had to pretend the entire time that we were actually producing a reality show.

I was literally passing out these flyers, imploring anyone we could find to come to this casting call.

A fun fact, during the casting, one of the girls who we didn’t wind up using in the video said some of the more abhorrent, raw things I’ve ever heard in my life about her partying style, only to realize what she had done after the fact. She wound up begging us not to include the footage, even threatening to sue us (which wouldn’t have worked because she signed a release) but we decided not to include her segments of the show, because what she said would have literally ruined her life. Good times.

They have Caleb and I cranking out videos at a breakneck pace, not only for the College Football Show presented by Panera, but for Rough N Rowdy and our upcoming travel show. Our plan was to make Concussion Protocol a little show-within-the-show, and I think we’re executing that vision.

I would rank this video the fourth best of the ones we’ve done so far, which was really a testament to how good the other videos have been. It is simply part of the content barrage we are dedicated to treat the people to this fall.

Here are the first three episodes:

This week, I’ll be in Buffalo filming for a week from Saturday, while Caleb keeps it popping with a video he just filmed at Kentucky. The grind continues.