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Is Holding The Babies of Random Colts Fans a Smart Move for Anthony Richardson?

Sorry if this doesnt warrant a whole post lol but im so psyched and dont really have people to geek out to!! Just left 45 degrees and saw AR scootering w his boys around the garage/ bottleworks area, it was so sick! Me my girl and my newborn were born taking a stroll, she sees him and points him out. Im like holy crap lol then he circles back around and i figure I gotta say something! So i talk to him, he stops and we chat real quick. No bs i was literally wearing his jersey yesterday and mention that, as well as how I have faith in that AR/Pittman/JT connection. He was so into our convo despite the fact he probably hears similar things everyday.

Eventually I ask for a pic and my girl asks him to hold our baby mao he doesnt even hesitate, we pose for a pic and i just thank him fully starstruck. This all happened likr 30 mins ago lol we live downtown pretty close to 45 degrees and i'm just in awe. - u/ItsDrManhattan

If jumping 3 stories in the air at the NFL Combine, throwing passes to fellow rookie Josh Downs in a hotel parking lot, and cleaning up the mess made by other players at Rookie Orientation hasn't made Anthony Richardson a Hall of Famer already, then this Reddit post from a random Colts fan will certainly cement his spot in Canton. 

Say what you will about Anthony Richardson. You can say that he was actually kind of dog shit in college. You can say that he's an idiot for choosing #5 so he can no longer go by AR15. But you can't say the man doesn't crush the PR game.  

I gotta be honest though, this particular Reddit post has me worried for Anthony Richardson in the long run. Reddit user u/ItsDrManhattan speaks glowingly of the Colts new Hall of Fame Quarterback. He tells a story of how amazing Anthony Richardson is as a person. How he stopped him on the street and AR was more than willing to spend a great deal of time discussing whatever the hell u/ItsDrManhattan had on his mind that day. How he literally held his what appears to be u/ItsDrManhattan's 3-day old baby. That's incredibly kind of him and all, but that is one hell of a precedent to set. 

You're doing great Anthony. Better than great. You're doing phenomenal. But be careful out there. You don't want to set the bar too high. You can only say yes to so many people. You can only hold so many babies. If you start saying yes to everyone, next thing you know your address is going to be leaked on Threads, and you'll have a line of Colts families with strollers at your front door. And what if you drop a baby? Not only are you going to have baby blood on your hands, but then the media will be all like, "Well if he can't hold a baby how is he going to hold onto the football?", and "Maybe he should spend less time dropping infants and more time watching film." and all the bullshit. Then you're going to have to address the baby situation in a press conference, the press conference will get away from you and you'll accidently give a problematic abortion take, then you'll find yourself on Tucker Carlson's Twitter show either being yelled at or praised depending on what your take was. And you don't want to be the politics quarterback. We've seen how that plays out in the past. 

It's all sunshine and rainbows right now. You're new to the city. Everyone loves you because you represent hope for the Colts franchise. Nobody has a reason to say anything but great things about you. You've done quite literally everything right (except for not choosing #15), and you're 1-for-1 in documented baby holding situations. 

But who am I to tell you how to live your life. I'm just trying to look out for you friend. I know you're gonna be fine, but you gotta be 10 steps ahead in this league. You know what they say, "If you have fans you have haters - Steven Cheah". The haters are out there, and they're just waiting for you to slip up. Things can go south at any moment. Head on a swivel AR. Go Colts <3.< p>