The Perfect Quarterback: Anthony Richardson Cleans Up Mess Left Behind by Inconsiderate Rookies at Orientation, Demonstrating High Character and Integrity, Will Light The NFL on Fire

Kevin & Query, 107.5 The Fan - Hey Jake, I went to the Indiana Sports Corp luncheon on Tuesday where Ballard was the speaker. He told a story about Anthony Richardson and the NFL’s rookie orientation program. 

Troy Vincent of the NFL called Ballard after the draft to tell him what an impact Anthony Richardson had left on him at the orientation program. Specifically, at the dinner attended by all potential draftees, the room was left a mess. Everyone was leaving and Troy Vincent saw one person who stayed behind and was bussing tables before the staff came back in the room. Vincent walked up and approached him and said, ‘You don’t need to do this.’ To which Anthony Richardson responded, ‘We left this room in an unacceptable condition, and it’s not right for us to expect the staff to clean it all up." 

Vincent said that he was free to go, to which Richardson responded, "No it’s alright, I’d like to stay and help," and he did until the room was cleaned up entirely. And he was the last person working along with workers on the shift.”

In case there were any doubts about who Anthony Richardson is as a person. In case you're skeptical about his future as an NFL quarterback. In case you weren't quite convinced that Anthony Richardson is a lock for the Hall of Fame... you can set those worries aside, because an Indianapolis radio guy got a text that said Anthony Richardson stayed late to clean up a mess.

First off, Anthony, I apologize. I wrote a blog last week giving you some advice on how to ingratiate yourself with Colts neightion. I recommended you do things like 'show up to Rookie Camp in an old beat up Toyota Camry' or 'get a puppy and name him after Peyton Manning'. But I apologize. You obviously don't need my advice. You're doing just great on your own.


If Anthony Richardson throwing balls to his new rookie receiver in the hotel parking lot wasn't enough to convince you that he's the real deal, the Colts new franchise quarterback is now bussing tables of his own free will. Do you have any idea how high your character has to be if you're cleaning up after others? I've never met a janitor that wasn't a stand up guy.

Anthony Ricardson didn't have to do this. He could have left a big old dump in the middle of the floor like the rest of the rookie class did. He could have dipped out of orientation early to drink liquor and snort cocaine along with everyone else. He could have taken Bryce Young up on his offer to go halfsies on a hooker, but that's just not the type of guy AR15 is. He said, "No Bryce, I don't want a hooker. I'm going to stay back and clean up this mess we made instead." That's just the type of guy Anthony Richardson is.

Well done, Anthony. You're going to be a fucking star.