PR Genius Anthony Richardson Throws Passes To Receiver In Hotel Parking Lot, Must Really Love The Game, Will Certainly Be a Hall of Famer

You love to see it. Anthony Richardson knows exactly what he's doing. That's how you manufacture a headline. I could care less about Josh Downs being impressed with his arm. No shit he's got a good arm. His measurables are off the charts across the board. But throwing balls to your new receiver in a public parking lot before Rookie Camp starts so everybody can see how hard you're working... that's how you get a positive narrative going. 

"Wow, look at Anthony Richardson. He's practicing football more than he is contractually obligated to. Incredible dedication!"

"Throwing balls in the parking lot just like we did when we were kids. He must really love the game!"

"I was worried that Anthony Richardson didn't care about football. but now that I've seen him playing catch in a parking lot, he'll probably be a Hall of Famer."

You're doing great Anthony, but the work's not done yet. Let's make this the first in a long list of positive Anthony Richardson headlines. Clearly you already know what you're doing, but if you're looking for any ideas, here are a few PR moves that will help you out.

First things first, you need to take your offensive line out for a steak dinner immediately. Make sure you get them all a gift as well. I know you're only on your rookie contract, so you don't have to get too crazy with the gifts. Just them each a Yeti Cooler or something. It's the thought that counts. But when you get that first big endorsement deal, you're gonna need to pony up for some Rolex's Brick Watches.

Next, the more you can talk about how much you admire Peyton Manning the better. You should be focusing on getting your name mentioned in the same breath as Peyton as much as humanly possible. Be seen in public wearing a Peyton Manning jersey. Tweet out some Peyton Manning highlights and caption it, "Studying the GOAT". Get a puppy and name it Peyton. Spend the night in a sleeping bag underneath the Peyton Manning statue outside of the stadium overnight. If you eat, sleep, and breathe Peyton Manning, Indianapolis will love you.

Next you're going to need to get some photographs of you doing Indiana things. Unfortunately, I don't know what Indiana things are outside of eating pork tenderloins and waving to Amish people. But once you figure out what those are, definitely lean into them.

It might be too late for this, but if you have an old shitty car, you need to keep it. You can buy a nice car eventually, but the media LOVES when rookies roll up to training camp in a 2013 Toyota Camry. It shows that you're humble, that don't care about material things, and that you're strictly here to work. The only car you should be buying is for your dear old mother who worked 16 jobs at once to support you (also buy her a house if you haven't already). 

One last thing. The internet tells me that you're single. That's perfect, just focus on the game. But if you can somehow get the word out that you've broken up with a girlfriend specifically because you saw her as a football distraction, that would be the cherry on top. Just hire a hot friend from college to play the role of your ex in case somebody tries to fact check you. Toss her $100k for her troubles. It's worth the good PR.

What you actually do with your personal life, I don't really care. Live your life however you please. I have faith in you. But if you want to keep the ruthless Indianapolis media on your side, I promise these ideas will help.