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Someone Did A Cute Little Video Simulation Of All The Missiles That Would Be Fired During A Nuclear War. Happy Friday!

I am a sucker for visual aids. I am a visual learner. Always have been. Doesn't matter if it was high school physics in 2002 or how I am going to die in 2022, I need visual aids to really understand. 

It took until the 3 minute mark to know for sure that me and everyone I love in Chicago will be dead. I watched those little missile vectors leaving Russia like it was a full count backdoor slider that just nicked the edge of the strike zone. Then bang, frozen, rung up by Putin. 

Feels like a good time to buy some land down in Chile or Argentina. You could probably get a whole ranch down there right now for a good deal before everyone in the Northern Hemisphere gets incinerated. New Zealand seems cool too, but just so far away. Last thing I want to do before the end of the world is sit coach for a 20 hour flight. Fuck that. I will just be sipping wine on the Chilean coast. I like soccer better than rugby too. Chilean Chief has a nice ring to it.