The Falcons Put Out a Longer Tribute Video for Drew Brees Than They Did for Matt Ryan

People should go to jail for this and I'm not being a little bit facetious. Jail.

I wrote a year ago about how ridiculous it was for the Falcons to post a tribute video for Drew Brees after his retirement. That's cuck behavior. Now, the best quarterback in the Falcons' own franchise history is shipped off for a third round pick and they post a video nearly 30 seconds shorter. I'm furious.

These things may seem trivial, but as someone who is forced to pay close attention to everything this franchise does, I assure you they're legitimate microcosms of how every decision made by employees of Arthur Blank is the wrong one. From the players and coaches to the general manager — at least the previous ones, we can't judge Terry Fontenot yet — to the video department, everyone just fucks up consistently to the point you can set your watch to it.

If you're a fan of another NFL franchise, even one that you think might be the worst it can get in terms of an on-field product, you can take solace in the fact that your team will never reach the levels of incompetence the Atlanta Falcons achieve on a daily basis. They not only fail, they embarrass.

I really hope Ryan goes to Indianapolis and absolutely tears it up. Rub it in these losers' faces — myself included. Maybe people around the country will give him credit for being the elite quarterback he's been his entire career if he does it somewhere other than Atlanta.

I'm sorry this franchise failed you so many times, Matt.