The Falcons Making a Tribute Video for Drew Brees Is the Biggest Load of Bullshit I've Ever Seen

Now what in the actual fuck is this?

I think this illustrates very well why the Atlanta Falcons will never win a championship: the majority of people working in that organization consistently find ways to make the wrong decision. From Kyle Shanahan and Dan Quinn squandering a seemingly insurmountable lead in the Super Bowl all the way down to the social media team, people on the Falcons' payroll just don't get it.

The quarterback of your biggest rival, who has been the biggest thorn in your side for well over a decade, finally retires and the Falcons couldn't have a tribute video ready to go quick enough.

I obviously understand and appreciate what a generational player Brees was. Anybody who has watched an NFL game in the last 15 years knows that. But the Falcons should be celebrating more than anybody that Brees is finally hanging it up. And I don't give a damn about any sort of "respect" or whatever else a simp who thinks this is a good move would say about this. If this is what we're doing for Saints quarterbacks, then I don't want to hear about how this is a rivalry.

As an avid fan of the college game, where rivalries are far more heated than any in the NFL, I don't even really believe many NFL rivalries actually exist. But Falcons-Saints was always one where the fans and teams had legitimate disdain for each other. I don't want to hear about what a great rivalry this is, though, if we're just going to be all lovey dovey when Drew Brees retires.

I just want the Falcons to not continually embarrass their own fans at every turn. I have long ago resigned myself to the fact that we will never recover as a franchise from the events of Super Bowl 51, but it would be nice to simply not have to see my own team fellating Drew Brees when I look at my Twitter timeline.