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The Pacers Went From Dying To Six Feet Under In Less Than 12 Hours Time

To recap: we've gone from Tuesday night Woj reporting that first-year head coach Nate Bjorkgren is on the hot seat already for his handling of communication with players and the staff in an underwhelming debut to say the least, to Wednesday morning me writing this about doing something drastic to save the franchise, to no less than 12 hours later on Wednesday night having on-court fighting between a player and assistant coach. 


I mean if it's not clear to all by now then i don't know what to tell you. This Pacers setup as it currently sits is dead in the water. Goga Bitadze? Goga fucking Bitadze feeling as if he has the right to tell a coach to "sit the fuck down" while his ass is getting handed to him and his teammates on their home floor by the Kings. Sure, the Kings have some really nice young players, but being down 80-59 with two minutes left in the 3rd quarter?? And you're feeling yourself, telling a coach to sit the fuck down after hitting a meaningless three? 


I'm sure I'll get the folks saying "well, it's a players league. You have to expect that kinda stuff from players." Fuck that. Maybe Big Cat or PFT or KFC could get away with saying something like that to Dave, but I know damn well I wouldn't think about it. Different players have different lines of what they can get away with and Goga Bitadze certainly hasn't done jack shit enough to be able to say that while on the floor.

This all just seemed like the perfect storm. I was following the game on my phone last night since asking for a Pacers game to be put on at a bar gets people to look at you like you have six dicks on your head, and as soon as I saw the tweets and reports of this going down I just laughed. 

The nail in the coffin to a team that's dead.