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The Pacers Need To Write A Blank Check To Reggie Miller To Come Save The Franchise

The Pacers are done. Franchise is dead in the water. They're at the worst point you can be in the NBA or any professional league - especially in a small market - they're at the point where people don't care. 

Seriously. Been a Pacers fan my whole life. They don't even make me mad anymore. I legitimately am just apathetic to the entire team. When do they play? No clue. Who will be on the court? No idea. You know why? Because as it currently sits, they just don't matter. The worst record you can have in the NBA isn't 15-67 or 18-64. The worst record you can have is 38-44. Exactly where the Pacers are heading. 

Good enough to linger around, but no where close to being either competitive enough to make a run, or bad enough to get a franchise player with some direction. They're stuck here. And it sucks. So you know what needs to happen? They need to do something drastic. They're beyond the point of doing the "smart" thing or the "traditional" route. Nope. It's time to put your nuts out there and make people at least take notice again. 

They need to go to Reggie Miller out in Cali before he goes on another TNT broadcast, show him a blank check and say "put how much you want down, and let's turn this thing around."

The Pacers are way past the hire a bench coach that has experience and give him time to implement his style. That's what they did with both Nates and the most it's gotten you is a competitive series with LeBron in the first round. Pull a Warriors, pull a Nets, pull a Michigan, and just go out to bring someone in that'll make people care again. 

Nate McMillan was too old school. Nate Bjorkgren obviously is having problems communicating with players and staff as reported by Woj. Go get your guy. Get Reggie Miller, the most popular player in franchise history, who made the Pacers relevant when he was a player, and would make them relevant, at the very least interesting, as a coach. 

If it fails, it fails. Who gives a rip. Because it can't get any worse than how it currently sits - people not caring.