Derek Jeter Continues To Be A Fun Sucking Owner As Marlins Park Will Be Renamed "loanDepot park"

This guy Derek Jeter, who does he think he is? One of his first moves as owner a few years back was to take away the historic statue in center field, and two weeks ago they decided to remove the fish tanks behind home plate, and now they are changing the name from "Marlins Park" to "loadDepot park". They went from a bad team with a quirky ballpark that at least seemed kind of fun to go to. Can watch the fish, look at the sculpture or hang out in the bar in left while the team was trading away their all star outfielders and losing 90 games a year (except for last year when they made the playoffs). Now, we have no statue in the ballpark, no fish, and a stupid ass name for the stadium. If you're going to be bad at least have the weird stadium, now it's just a stadium with a bad name. 

And "loanDepot park" legit stinks as a name. Like the uppercase and lowercase all mixed up? This name sucks. Carl literally wrote today that stadiums change their names too much and I totally get it, it's a money thing. But you can't be changing from "Marlins Park" to "loanDepot park" just for some chump change that you ultimately will not use to better your team. This just further proves that Derek Jeter is the biggest fun sucking owner in sports. Cant get anyone to go to the games with a bland name like "Marlins Park" and you damn sure won't get anyone to go to "loadDepot park". Make it something cool and flashy if you're going to change it, give me "Mr. Worldwide Park" or "Gary Sheffield Stadium" not something lame like this. Just absolutely shocking to see Jeter make another piss poor decision.