Marlins Park No Longer Has Its Fish Tank Backstop, Officially Making It the Worst Stadium in Sports

It is official: there is now quite literally not one fun or cool thing about the Miami Marlins. For all the losing the Marlins have done over the years and their inability to get people to the ballpark, they were at least unique. And then they first got rid of the center field sculpture and now there's no more fish tank backstop.

I guess Derek Jeter just doesn't want anybody to have any fun. A ballpark with that insane monstrosity going ballistic in the outfield after every dinger and fish swimming around behind the plate at least made the place interesting. Now it looks like the most boring stadium you could possibly hope to visit. I'd rather go to the largely disparaged Tropicana Field where they at least have a stingray tank than this sad sack of shit now.

In a time where teams are hurting for every dollar and dying to get every fan through the gates they possibly can, the Marlins just took away one of the things that actually made watching them interesting. You think people in South Florida are choosing to spend a Saturday night at Marlins Park over going to LIV because Sixto Sanchez is pitching? Somehow I doubt it.

It's just a shame. Here's a franchise with a lot of young talent that could maybe make some noise in the next few years — at least until they have to play the Braves in the Postseason again — and their owner just doesn't want anybody to come out to the ballpark. Sad.