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Ok, The OFFICIAL OFFICIAL Title of Spider-Man 3 Is Here

After a very fun night of fucking with us, we finally have the actual title of the new Spider-Man Movie. ICYMI, Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon all posted different titles for the movie last night. Leading to a bunch of adult baby comic book movie fans like myself extremely confused. 

It seems, though, that we finally have our definitive title. What does it mean? I think the same thing now that I thought last night and for months now, that this movie is going to be our first big-screen focus on the Multiverse and building that world out for the subsequent Phase 4 movies. 

What I think the title here implies is that Spidey and the gang are going to get sucked into an alternate reality with no idea how to get out. Something interesting to note is that while Spidey obviously helped fight a real big bad in the avengers movies, his 2 main villains in the first two movies have been relatively tame. Both the Vulture and Mysterio were cool bad guys but also super-powered, regular guys with cool gear. I think there will be a step up in that department, perhaps even Morlun. Who knows, though. The main point is that we are going to see him fight his way out of an alternate universe while meeting previous incarnations of spider-men and presumably running into the same on-screen adversaries of those previous spider-men.