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Holy Shit, Tom Holland Said That There Is A Fight Scene In The Upcoming Spider-Man Movie That Took A Month To Film And Is Easily The Most Impressive Fight Scene He's Seen In A Superhero Movie

Excuse me, Tom Holland? By the time I was able to untangle my brain after it was flummoxed by being reminded that Spidey has a cheeky English accent in real life, Peter Parker was telling me with a straight face that this new Spider-Man movie has the most impressive fight scene in a superhero movie. Not just Holland's Spider-Man movies or all Spider-Man movies but ALL superhero movies. 

I get that you are supposed to hype up your upcoming projects whenever you are being interviewed about them, but does Tom Holland realize that the movies he was in for Marvel Studios count as superhero movies? Or does he refuse to watch them since they aren't technically Spider-Man movies and he's a company guy first? Because by my count, the last three MCU movies Tom Holland played a role in had some pretty decent fight scenes and by decent I mean some of the best ever made such as...

The airport battle in Civil War.

The Infinity War battles across the universe.

And oh yeah, motherfucking Endgame!

Giphy Images.

Every. Time.

Did I include all of those videos to give everyone a whole bunch of awesome to watch at the end of their work day? Of course! But it was also to prove just how high a bar this Spider-Man fight scene would have to clear for that statement to be true. And you want to know the craziest part of all? I actually THINK they can do it. I have no clue what type of shit is going to go down in Spider-Man 3. It sounds like we are getting all the recent Spideys involved thanks to this multiverse mayhem. But there is no telling what type of villains, heroes, or twists may appear if Disney wants us to witness the firepower of their fully armed and operational battle station, albeit in a goddamn Sony movie.

However, the real reason I believe this scene could be that awesome isn't be because it took a month to film or because the very likable and probably extremely honest Tom Holland said it (even though that stunt boys line seemed rude, even if it's a language thing). It's because I TRUST THE FEIGE, even when he is just helping another studio not fuck up a Marvel franchise.


I don't know what's coming next in the MCU, but for a recap of what just went down and what it could mean going forward, check out this week's My Mom's Basement for the latest WandaVision recap.