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Spider-Man 3 Finally Has A Title....Or Does It?

UPDATE: I wrote out an entire blog for the Holland title, but now that Jacob Batalon has posted this new one, I don't think that either are the actual title. Regardless, here are full, detailed write-ups for both titles.

SPIDER-MAN: PHONE HOME The title is obviously meant to bring up certain feelings. Sci-fi, nostalgia, bonding and most of all Aliens. I'd argue that "E.T. Phone Home" is the most famous line spoken by an alien in the history of movies. Does that mean that this movie is going to take place in space? Or that it is an alien setting, features aliens etc? I don't really think so since we've already had our fill of that with Marvel so far. I think that this is an allusion to the multiverse that this movie is going to be based around. The multiverse, not space, is the great new frontier for this movie franchise, and I think Peter Parker is going to get lost in it. 

We already see the setup for this adventure happening with Wandavision.

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Obviously, the X-Men version of Pietro showing up was the initial sign. I've said it in our recaps before, but I really don't think any of us realize how significant that was. Maybe it's because we were just expecting it to happen eventually, but shit got really real when he showed up. This show is laying the framework for Spider-Man 3, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and the rest of the Marvel movies that are coming after that.

SPIDER MAN: HOME WRECKER: This is not the title of the movie. After all, Tony Parker was never announced as part of the cast.

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