NFL Films' Tribute To The Legend Alex Trebek Hits All The Feels

I'm sure you've all read through our tribute blogs to the late great Alex Trebek written by Clem Jerry Reags (if you haven't please do so), but I thought this NFL films video was well worth a share. Trebek's passing might be one of, if not the, saddest celebrity deaths in a long, long time. The man was equally as excellent at his job as he was beloved by those who watched on. He was a week day tradition in many of our homes throughout our lives. There will certainly be a void left at 7:00 PM (Eastern) now that he's gone. 

Any time sports were brought up on the show you knew you were in for a treat. For me particularly, because I'd have a fighting chance at getting a question right. Aside from that, there was a very good chance Trebek was going to completely stump the contestants and his reactions would be perfect. The time where none of the three buzzed in once for an entire football category is an all-time moment. Asking what a fair catch is, off setting penalties, or even the Purple People Eaters. Completely stupefied. There's also the time Aaron Rodgers came on and ran away with the show because he's good at everything he does. 

Just a really nice tribute by NFL Films there for a man that we're all going to miss moving forward. Fuck Cancer.