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A Brief Tribute to the GOAT of Game Shows and TV Knowledge, Alex Trebek

Maybe the world has bigger issues than the death of one person who lived a blessed life and had the relative good fortune to make it to age 80. But it doesn't feel that way right now.

Like I said when Alex Trebek made this announcement back in the summer:

... anyone who's emotional over this news has any reason to apologize. Yes, few us ever met the man. But in the strictest sense of celebrity culture, he was a part of the lives of millions. For 30 minutes or so a day, five days a week, for decades, he was virtually in your home. And the show he hosted celebrates the best things about humanity: curiosity, learning, discovery, shared knowledge and the human condition. 

More to the point, he was the best kind of celebrity. Genteel. Humble. Grateful for his career. Appreciative of his audience. And seemed truly touched by the support he got from tens of millions of total strangers who genuinely wished the best for him as he battled this worst of diseases. 

If you know anyone who's been affected by Pancreatic Cancer, you learn not to trust hope. Even when a sufferer looks and sounds as good as Trebek has since this current season began. And in spite of his optimistic demeanor, the odds are terrible. So while this outcome isn't a surprise by any means, it's still a shock to the system by virtue of the fact it took from us such a universally appreciated, even beloved, public figure. 

But enough words. It's time to show, not tell. Here's early Trebek:

Savage Trebek:

Funny Trebek:

Trebek gone insane:

Emotional Trebek:

RIP to a legend. Gone too soon, even at 80 years old.