Alex Trebek Looks Amazing and Says He Expects to Be Taping New 'Jeopardy!' Episodes in September

Holy Moses, I was not ready for this. As strange and I guess even sort of juvenile as it might sound, I'm having an emotional reaction to hearing from Alex Trebek again.

With everything else that's been going on and "Jeopardy!" in summer reruns, I think most of us have kind of compartmentalized what was a huge story a year or so ago. The healthy problems of one game show host don't seem like such a huge deal in the midst of a global health crisis and a nation in literal and cultural flames. That is, until you hear from the man. And you remember how much is a part of the life of millions of people for 30 minutes, five days a week. And you get reminded of how much he is a voice of decency and reason. And how the show he hosts celebrates the best things about us: curiosity, learning, discovery, shared knowledge and the human condition.

Mostly, it hits me in the feels for the way he seems to be doing so well. I've had some family experience with Trebek's form of cancer. And like virturally anyone who's dealt with it, you learn the hard way not to give into false hope. But he looks terrific. His weight is up. His mind is sharp. His voice is strong. His salad and facial hair are thick, lustrous, pH-balanced perfection. So who knows? Maybe the universe has decided we've had enough for one year so it's going to ease off and at least give us our early evening half hours with North America's most beloved TV figure once again. Hopefully, now and forever. Those questions, answers, and awkward interviews with introverted librarians and stamp collectors can't some soon enough.